Our panic buttons have the ability to warn the control room instantly when a button is pressed and provide the emergency services with the users exact location. Our lone worker range of panic buttons will also provide the control room of exact location when the user has been in a lying position for more than a predefined period.

The control room can also open the devices communication channel and make contact with the user.
Custodian offer a vast range of personal security devices for both consumers and organisations and their employees - combining mobile telephony with GPS tracking features.
Added Security
Body Cams - recording critical footage
We also have a range of body worn cameras to provide high quality recordings with audio for the security guard, door staff industry, parking enforcement and emergency services. These cameras will record critical footage of any abuse towards your staff and provide the information required for a successful prosecution.

Please Contact custodian for any enquires into how we can provide you or your staff with a safer working environment.

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