We are using Ubiquiti Networks the market leaders in this technology. The growing demand for broadband voice, video, and data communications has driven the need for broadband networking worldwide.

While wired networks have generally been successful in delivering such networks, in many CCTV installations, the infrastructure for wired networking does not exist -- presenting a problem. This is were the wireless network offers a solution which can save on very high costs to our customers while maintaining the high security levels.

In the past few years, unlicensed wireless broadband networking has become an attractive and practical solution to deliver broadband access and connectivity which results in a very secure and trouble free installation.
Custodian installs and maintains innovative broadband wireless solutions in Ireland. The systems offer secure outdoor wireless solutions for all aspects of a private network for any IP based service such as IP CCTV.
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Custodian offer a free site survey to asses your wireless networking needs and scan your area for existing networks which could hamper your private network.

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Ubiquiti: NanoStation