Our product range covers state of the art commercial infrared night vision camera's, day/night camera's and covert cameras including pan tilt & zoom (PTZ) functions. But we also cater for the domestic market with cost-effective but still good quality residential solutions. we install a full range of dvr's (digital video recorders) for the analogue hard wired CCTV systems and nvr's (networked video recorders) for IP networked based CCTV cameras. we can also install a hybrid system which will take both analogue and IP camera systems. the hybrid system is a practical upgrade solution to keep existing analogue cameras and install higher mega-pixel cameras
Custodian can assist in designing, installing and maintaining an IP networked CCTV system that is fully customised to your requirements. with custodian you can be sure that you are armed with the right ip solution to protect your premises and provide you with high quality mega-pixel images.

We offer a full range high quality IP CCTV systems that suit any domestic commercial or industrial applications. see also our page on wireless technologies.
Wide range of high-quality products
Monitoring and system integration
Monitoring and system integration
Our systems can be linked to a 24/7-365 monitoring service and can stand alone or integrated with a range of other security devices such as access control systems.
Custodian offers a comprehensive maintenance and repair service. Your equipment will benefit from periodical maintenance and it will guarantee you the best possible protection.

We recommend that you have your CCTV system maintained and serviced on a regular basis. Discuss your particular requirements with one of our engineers.

We also can look after system upgrades. Our engineers will be able to advise and assist you to find a solutions that fits your requirements and budget.

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